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“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

Translated: “Syria: Obama’s War.Once again, the US becomes the protagonist of an international conflict in a complex power play.” For me, this newspaper headline is just one example of how differently the US is portrayed in Argentine media than in … Continue reading

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Growing Up, Five Thousand Miles Away from Home

When I was young, the world was small and beautiful. To you, that may sound trite or simplified, and yet for me, that was just the way things were. My life, and everyone I knew in it, fit into neat little boxes that were easily understood.

The funny thing is, I don’t actually remember much about my childhood. Besides the trivial memories in which my small world was temporarily shaken, my brain remains hazy about those years. Getting angry with my sister Megan, sticking gum in her hair, and then subsequently smearing peanut butter through it to get it out. Being childishly devastated when I learned that my dad was one month younger than my mom. Feeling guilt when I accidentally overfilled the upstairs bathroom sink, causing our kitchen ceiling to partially collapse. These were the small, harmless (and in hindsight rather comical) events that I considered upsetting enough to destabilize my otherwise balanced world. Continue reading

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John Green Inspired Thoughts on Buenos Aires

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. -John Green, A Fault in Our Stars

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Ever wondered what it would be like to go to university in Buenos Aires? Read Up.

After a rather long hiatus, I now return to my blog to update you all on what my life in Buenos Aires has been like these past few weeks! The picturesque views of Puerto Madero I’ve now been in Buenos … Continue reading

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Caballito: A (not so) insider’s guide to la vida diaria in my neighborhood

Much like any other large city, Buenos Aires has dozens of distinct barrios within its borders, some of the most famous being Recoleta (site of the Recoleta cemetery, which holds the gravesites of Eva Perón and Jorge Luis Borges, among … Continue reading

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A Warm Welcome

I arrived to my new home and was welcomed by flowers, a cute note, and my own set of (very ancient looking) keys–Argentina-themed key ring included.

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First Impressions: Street Art, Subtes, and Politics

The first thing I noticed about Buenos Aires was the graffiti. Unlike the swear words and unintelligible phrases that oftentimes mar the walls of city buildings and highway underpasses in the States, the porteños have turned graffiti into an art … Continue reading

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